Digital Subscriptions Customer Care

For customer service inquiries, please email us at:

You might have noticed “” when viewing your digital issue. What is eMagazines?

eMagazines is a digital subscription distributor. We work with eMagazines to ensure that your digital subscription or book is delivered to you and is available in you digital library.

Do I need an app to view my digital edition?

eMagazines digital editions can be viewed on any device (including smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and more). There’s no need to download an application on your phone to see digital editions. However, just like Facebook, Snapchat and Google, you need to be connected to the Internet to view your digital edition.

How do I view my digital edition?

Your first step is to create an eMagazines account at Be sure to use the email address you used when you signed up for your subscription.

Once you set your password, you’ll need to check your email for a verification code email from eMagizines. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your junk and promotions folders. Once you find the email, just click on the link in that email, and your account creation is complete!

When you are logged in, you may access any available issues in your subscription in your digital library. This is the first screen you see when logged in.

If your subscription is a monthly publication, you will receive an issue notification email every time we add a new issue to your library. You can view this new issue by clicking the “Read Now” button in the email, or by logging in to your eMagazines account.

I just subscribed. Why is my library empty?

If you have just subscribed, the publisher may have provided an instant access link in your order confirmation. This grants you access immediately to the current issue of your subscription.

However, your order still needs time to finish processing. Until eMagazines receives a distribution order from the publisher, your library will be empty. Don’t worry! Once the order is fully processed, issues will be added to your digital library as they are made available.

The immediate access link does not expire. Be sure to save the email in case you want to come back later to continue reading your first issue.

How do I read my digital edition?

eMagazines supports two formats for our digital editions. Our system will detect what type of device you are using (computer or laptop, or a mobile device like your phone or tablet) and ensure that you are accessing the format best suited for your device.

On a desktop or laptop: Your edition will be viewable as a flip book. This is a digital replica of the paper magazine pages. As you’re reading, you will use the arrows on the left and right sides of your viewer to flip between pages. Across the bottom of the viewer, there are buttons that allow you to zoom in and out, view a page gallery for fast navigation between articles, enable auto-flip, and change to full screen view-among others. If you hover your mouse cursor over these buttons, a pop up will let you know what the button functions are.

On a mobile device (phone, tablet): Your content is available in a mobile optimized format. Unlike the flip book, your content is formatted so each article flows continuously. You can use your fingers or thumbs to scroll up and down as you read. Once you reach the end of the article section, you will swipe left to navigate to the next article, or right to navigate to the previous article. If you would like to jump between articles faster, use the CONTENTS button in the corner of your screen. A drop down Table of Contents will appear, allowing you to select which article you wish to read.

Why does it say I’ve reached the access limit on my subscription?

You can only view digital editions on up to five unique devices. Once you’ve reached this limit, the issue will be locked until you reset the account. If you’ve reached the access limit for your digital magazine issue, please visit your digital library by clicking on the library link in your issue notification email or by logging in to your account at From there, you will be able to reset the access to any locked issues from your library.