Wellness LetterIssue Archive

Issue Archive

March 2023 Issue

  • Coping With Tinnitus
  • Speaking of Wellness: Life After Tinnitus
  • What's Up, Jack(fruit)?
  • How to Get a Brighter Smile
  • Pickle Juice for Exercise-Related Muscle Cramps
  • Drink More Water, Live Longer?
  • Fresh Fennel Salad With Capers

February 2023 Issue

  • A Spotlight on Psychedelics
  • Speaking of Wellness: Pull Over! We Need to Talk
  • Hair-Raising News, Literally
  • Got Gallstones?
  • Ultraprocessed Foods: A Cause of Early Death and Cognitive Decline?
  • Barley with Cilantro & Garlic

January 2023 Issue

  • Should You Deep-Six Fried Foods?
  • Speaking of Wellness: To Err Is Human; to Forgive Yourself, Divine
  • A Good Read for Good Health
  • Scarred No More
  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Mapo Tofu

December 2022 Issue

  • Time to Rethink Vitamin D for Fracture Prevention?
  • Speaking of Wellness: Colonoscopy: A Study Rebuttal
  • Sleep Apnea: Should You Consider the New Inspire Device?
  • Pickleball Nation!
  • Colorectal Cancer: Lifestyle Strategies to Reduce Your Risk
  • Allulose: The New Low-Calorie Sweetener on the Block
  • Spicy Fish Chowder

November 2022 Issue

  • Mind Your Brain
  • Speaking of Wellness: End of Life: When the Choice is Yours
  • Dietary Supplements for an Enlarged Prostate
  • How Bad is Your Air?
  • It's Booster Time -- Again
  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye ... Hearing Aids Are Finally Hitting Store Shelves
  • Baked Apples & Sweet Potatoes with Crunchy Topping

October 2022 Issue

  • Whatever Happened to Acrylamide?
  • Speaking of Wellness: Why We Wash Our Hands
  • Breast Cancer: Not for Women Only
  • Spray Away Sprains and Strains?
  • Moderate Exercise = Healthier Kidneys?
  • Multis Fail to Deliver - Again
  • Hypertension and Severe Covid-19: Is There a Connection?
  • Recipe Corner: Sweet & Spicy Red Lentil Dip

September 2022 Issue

  • The Highs and Lows of CBD
  • Speaking of Wellness: Fruits & Veggies - or Veggies & Fruits?
  • Is the End of Presbyopia Near?
  • Aspirin Gets Demoted for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention
  • New Flu Shot Recommendations for Seniors
  • Heed the Mind to Treat the Back
  • Recipe Corner: Neoclassic Corn Chowder

August 2022 Issue

  • Keeping Your Cool in the Heat
  • Speaking of Wellness: 10,000 Steps a Day: Not Written in Stone
  • The Best Diets of 2022
  • Expert Q&A: The Role of Statins in Cholesterol Management
  • Cloudy Cognition in Cannabis Smokers
  • The Healthiest Communities in America 2022
  • Recipe Corner: Spicy Gazpacho

July 2022 Issue

  • Cellphones and Brain Cancer: Is There a Link?
  • Speaking of Wellness: The Washington Post Discovers 'Wellness'
  • A Deep Dive into Water Yoga
  • Expert Q&A: Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of Diet
  • How Clean is Your Pet's Food Bowl
  • Adulterated Dietary Supplements Still on the Market
  • Recipe Corner: Wheatberry Salad with Peppers & Grapes
  • Ode to Joyce: 1926-2022

June 2022 Issue

  • 6 Ways to Fortify Your Immune System
  • Speaking of Wellness: Make America Happy
  • Deadly Prostate Cancer on the Rise
  • Kiwi for Constipation
  • Expert Q&A: Cardiovascular Disease: Assessing Your Risk
  • 2 Vaccine Updates to Know About
  • Recipe Corner: Pineapple-Kiwifruit-Jicama Salsa

May 2022 Issue

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Speaking of Wellness: Can't 'Snap Out' of Post-Covid Depression? You're Not Alone
  • Menopausal Brain Fog: It's Not All in Your Head
  • Ladder Safety: 9 Steps to Take
  • Light Drinking is Not Good for the Heart, Study Shows
  • Recipe Corner: Asparagus with Confetti Dressing