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Over the last few months, a lot of people have been suffering from debilitating abdominal pains, nausea, and vomiting that lasts several days. Sometimes they have had diarrhea, too. But no fever. What’s going on? The answer: norovirus, which the CDC reports has been on a steady upswing since...

February 2023 Issue

  • A Spotlight on Psychedelics
  • Speaking of Wellness: Pull Over! We Need to Talk
  • Hair-Raising News, Literally
  • Got Gallstones?
  • Ultraprocessed Foods: A Cause of Early Death and Cognitive Decline?
  • Barley with Cilantro & Garlic

January 2023 Issue

  • Should You Deep-Six Fried Foods?
  • Speaking of Wellness: To Err Is Human; to Forgive Yourself, Divine
  • A Good Read for Good Health
  • Scarred No More
  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Mapo Tofu

December 2022 Issue

  • Time to Rethink Vitamin D for Fracture Prevention?
  • Speaking of Wellness: Colonoscopy: A Study Rebuttal
  • Sleep Apnea: Should You Consider the New Inspire Device?
  • Pickleball Nation!
  • Colorectal Cancer: Lifestyle Strategies to Reduce Your Risk
  • Allulose: The New Low-Calorie Sweetener on the Block
  • Spicy Fish Chowder

November 2022 Issue

  • Mind Your Brain
  • Speaking of Wellness: End of Life: When the Choice is Yours
  • Dietary Supplements for an Enlarged Prostate
  • How Bad is Your Air?
  • It's Booster Time -- Again
  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye ... Hearing Aids Are Finally Hitting Store Shelves
  • Baked Apples & Sweet Potatoes with Crunchy Topping

October 2022 Issue

  • Whatever Happened to Acrylamide?
  • Speaking of Wellness: Why We Wash Our Hands
  • Breast Cancer: Not for Women Only
  • Spray Away Sprains and Strains?
  • Moderate Exercise = Healthier Kidneys?
  • Multis Fail to Deliver - Again
  • Hypertension and Severe Covid-19: Is There a Connection?
  • Recipe Corner: Sweet & Spicy Red Lentil Dip

September 2022 Issue

  • The Highs and Lows of CBD
  • Speaking of Wellness: Fruits & Veggies - or Veggies & Fruits?
  • Is the End of Presbyopia Near?
  • Aspirin Gets Demoted for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention
  • New Flu Shot Recommendations for Seniors
  • Heed the Mind to Treat the Back
  • Recipe Corner: Neoclassic Corn Chowder

August 2022 Issue

  • Keeping Your Cool in the Heat
  • Speaking of Wellness: 10,000 Steps a Day: Not Written in Stone
  • The Best Diets of 2022
  • Expert Q&A: The Role of Statins in Cholesterol Management
  • Cloudy Cognition in Cannabis Smokers
  • The Healthiest Communities in America 2022
  • Recipe Corner: Spicy Gazpacho

July 2022 Issue

  • Cellphones and Brain Cancer: Is There a Link?
  • Speaking of Wellness: The Washington Post Discovers 'Wellness'
  • A Deep Dive into Water Yoga
  • Expert Q&A: Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of Diet
  • How Clean is Your Pet's Food Bowl
  • Adulterated Dietary Supplements Still on the Market
  • Recipe Corner: Wheatberry Salad with Peppers & Grapes
  • Ode to Joyce: 1926-2022

June 2022 Issue

  • 6 Ways to Fortify Your Immune System
  • Speaking of Wellness: Make America Happy
  • Deadly Prostate Cancer on the Rise
  • Kiwi for Constipation
  • Expert Q&A: Cardiovascular Disease: Assessing Your Risk
  • 2 Vaccine Updates to Know About
  • Recipe Corner: Pineapple-Kiwifruit-Jicama Salsa

May 2022 Issue

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Speaking of Wellness: Can't 'Snap Out' of Post-Covid Depression? You're Not Alone
  • Menopausal Brain Fog: It's Not All in Your Head
  • Ladder Safety: 9 Steps to Take
  • Light Drinking is Not Good for the Heart, Study Shows
  • Recipe Corner: Asparagus with Confetti Dressing