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To prevent “fat wallet syndrome,” avoid tucking your wallet into a back pocket and sitting on it. The wallet can irritate the sciatic nerve in the buttock, either directly by putting pressure on the nerve or indirectly by irritating the piriformis muscle that the nerve runs immediately under. An irritated...

May 2022 Issue

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Speaking of Wellness: Can't 'Snap Out' of Post-Covid Depression? You're Not Alone
  • Menopausal Brain Fog: It's Not All in Your Head
  • Ladder Safety: 9 Steps to Take
  • Light Drinking is Not Good for the Heart, Study Shows
  • Recipe Corner: Asparagus with Confetti Dressing
April 2022 Issue

April 2022 Issue

  • Are You FIT to Be Tested?
  • Speaking of Wellness: A Diet Tailored to Your Own Particular Biology
  • Rev Up Your Workouts with HIIT
  • Who Says Bedtime Stories Are Just for Kids?
  • Recipe Corner: Lentils with Fennel & Tomato

March 2022 Issue

  • Is Daylight Saving Time a Health Hazard?
  • Speaking of Wellness: Covid-19: The Next Stage
  • Sit Less, Move More
  • Sour News About Apple Cider Vinegar?
  • Contrast Agents: Cause for Concern?
  • One Nation Under Stress
  • Recipe Corner: Thai-Style Salmon

February 2022 Issue

  • 10 Diet Steps to Take to Heart
  • Speaking of Wellness: Can Getting Covid-19 Take the Place of Getting the Vaccine?
  • Don't Be SAD
  • Yoga: A Balm for the Brain
  • Using Cleaning Products Safely
  • Recipe Corner: Golden Vegetable Soup

January 2022 Issue

  • Covid-19 and the Flu
  • Speaking of Wellness: What If You're 65+ and Get a Breakthrough Infection?
  • Eat Like a Caveperson?
  • Fast Food Full of Phthalates
  • Exercise...for Eyes' Sake
  • Do Your Hands Need Heeling?
Nov 2020

November 2020 Issue

  • Q & A: Post-Covid Syndrome
  • Bitter-and Sweet-Sugar News
  • Range Hoods: Do You Need to Vent?
  • Speaking of Wellness: Remembering Kirk Smith
  • What to Know About GMOs
  • Psoas Release: A Technique for Tight Muscles
  • Last Word: More VITAL News
Oct 2020

October 2020 Issue

  • Coconut Oil: Back Off the Menu?
  • Is it Flu, or is it Covid?
  • Stretch...For Your Arteries' Sake
  • Speaking of Wellness: The Continuing Quest for a Cold Vaccine
  • Pasta That's More Nutritious Than Nonna's
  • A Close Look at Mohs Surgery
  • Don't be so Sensitive
  • On the Menu: Radiatore With Cauliflower
Sept 2020

September 2020 Issue

  • Are You "Salt Sensitive"?
  • Health Screenings: a Trio of Updates
  • Speaking of Wellness: The Doctor Will "See" You Now
  • Navigating the Bottled Water Aisle
  • Shingrix: A Better Shot at Preventing Shingles
  • Help for Hurt Hamstrings
  • Last Word: Coffee Gets a Boost
Aug 2020

August 2020 Issue

  • Silent Heart Attacks
  • Time for Bed
  • Speaking of Wellness: Where are all the Women?
  • A Berry Good Time of Year
  • Summertime Swim Tip: Cover Up!
  • Many Diet Plans, Similar Results
  • Last Word: Did You Take Your Meds?
July 2020

July 2020 Issue

  • A Walking Workout
  • Aspirin...for Your Colon?
  • Speaking of Wellness: Smoke Screen
  • Can Do!
  • Natural Deodorants: Sniffing Out the Facts
  • Recipe Corner: Chickpea and Farro Stew