Speaking of Wellness: What If You’re 65+ and Get a Breakthrough Infection?

This 3-step Covid-19 checklist will help you avoid severe symptoms and make you better sooner

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a friend who was in the throes of a breakthrough Covid-19 infection. He was pretty sick with a high fever and a lot of coughing and was also somewhat short of breath. He had checked in with his doctor, who told him that because he was vaccinated, […]

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    Something great happened in late October. My 11-year-old granddaughter, for whom vaccinations had not yet been approved, wanted to spend the night with us, and we were able to make it happen without risking anyone’s health. My wife bought rapid Covid tests at our local drugstore, and when our granddaughter came over, we swabbed our […]

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    Q. Why have more men than women died from or been severely affected by the coronavirus that causes Covid-19? Researchers have found that the immune systems of men and women differ in important ways. For example, women have higher numbers of specific immune cells (including a type known as “helper” cells) and a more favorable […]