Stop the Spin

If you suffer from dizziness, you should be evaluated by a health care professional who, depending on the diagnosis, may recommend a vestibular rehabilitation program. Such programs help retrain your body to properly process balance information via simple exercises mostly involving your eyes and head, such as nodding and shaking your head. One free internet-based […]

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  • October 1, 2020

    Q. Do you recommend ear candling for removing earwax? No. Ear candling is promoted as an ancient healing practice and a “natural” way to remove earwax. Many websites sell inexpensive kits, and some beauty salons and spas offer it as a “relaxation” service. But it’s neither natural nor safe. Also called ear coning, the procedure […]

  • August 1, 2020

    Q. My grandmother used to keep smelling salts in her cabinet. Can they really help someone who feels faint? They can, but it depends on what is causing the person to feel faint. Ammonia inhalants, or smelling salts, have a long history of use in rousing people who feel faint or have passed out. They […]

  • February 5, 2022

    If you have trouble swallowing pills, especially large ones, here’s what to do to make them go down easier: Before you take your pill, take a deep breath and exhale. This may help you relax and inhibit your gag reflex. Sip some water before putting the pill in your mouth; this helps lubricate your mouth […]