Food Label Fudging, FDA Approved

Food labels may not fully reflect what’s actually inside the package because of temporary relaxing of some requirements by the FDA during the Covid-19 crisis. A policy announced in May 2020 allows manufacturers to substitute or omit certain ingredients if they have problems securing them—without having to make corresponding label changes, as long as such […]

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    If you’re among the many grocery shoppers who regularly use the Nutrition Facts label on food packages to help guide what you buy, you likely have noticed big changes of late. To reflect the latest nutrition research, the iconic label mandated by the FDA has undergone its biggest revision since it was introduced more than […]

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    It helps to have a basic understanding of what Daily Values (DVs) and %DVs are on the Nutrition Facts panel on packaged foods, since they figure so prominently in deciphering the labels. DVs are the daily recommended intakes of nutrients, similar in ways to RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowances) but specifically developed by the FDA for […]