Ask the Experts: Household Bleach as Mouthwash … Really?

Q. Is it okay to use diluted household bleach as a mouthwash or in a Waterpik? I’ve heard that some dentists recommend this as an alternative to prescription mouthwashes for preventing or controlling gum disease. It might be, but there’s been too little research to recommend it. We could find only a few small studies […]

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  • November 1, 2020

    Q. My dentist recommended that I have a gingivectomy prior to having a crown placed. What exactly does that entail? Gingivectomy—sometimes called “dental crown lengthening”—is a periodontal surgical procedure that removes excess gum (gingiva) tissue. It may be recommended for several reasons, among them to realign an uneven smile line (in which gum tissue extends […]