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In the time of coronavirus, the popularity of canned foods has skyrocketed

The coronavirus pandemic has led to significant lifestyle changes for just about all of us, not the least of which involves the way we are eating. People who previously relied on restaurants got crash courses in how to cobble together meals at home, while seasoned cooks have spent time reinventing favorite recipes using fewer fresh […]

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    Once confined largely to health food stores, soy foods have become firmly entrenched in the American mainstream. Toddlers snack on edamame, soymilk lattes are a staple at cafés, and soy-based yogurts, frozen desserts, cheeses, and meat substitutes (including the popular Impossible Burger) command large swaths of supermarket real estate. Sales of tofu and tempeh, two […]

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    Sea salt is not more nutritious or any healthier than regular (table) salt, despite how it may be marketed. Made by evaporating ocean water, unrefined sea salt contains trace amounts of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, copper, and iodine, but not enough to matter. Iodine is needed for proper thyroid function, a reason why the mineral […]

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    This recipe, which is made in a single large pot, makes good use of low-sodium canned foods, with canned chickpeas and tomatoes featured as key ingredients. Farro is another shelf-stable ingredient available in many markets. The dish is designed for the pearled or quick-cooking variety, which cooks in 15 to 20 minutes, but you can […]